Les Anis de Flavigny Tin 50g

Les Anis de Flavigny Tin 50g

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A handmade tradition of Burgundy, France, this sweet treat is made aniseeds rolled in flavoured sugar, which creates fine layers to form these round pastilles. The entire process takes 15 days, resulting in smooth candies like the pebbles on a beach. Packaged in charming, collectible tins depicting the love story between a shepherd and his beloved shepherdess. 


The Anis de Flavigny are made by a family-run business in one of the loveliest towns in France. These candies were first made by monks of the monasteries, the making of which later spread to other local families. These businesses were bought and united eventually and the manufactory is now housed within the former abbey.


-sugar, green aniseed, natural extracts & flavouring


-Product of France

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