Antique Gilded Sterling Coral Love Knot Screwback Earrings


-1890s-1900s, USA


Late Victorian antique earrings in an elaborate infinity love-knot, engraved with swirling marks. Earrings are of gold plated sterling silver, and feature elegant center stones of salmon-coloured natural branch coral. Screwback fastener great for both pierced and unpierced ears.


During the Victorian era, the love knot motif was popular to symbolize neverending affection, like the torch Queen Victoria bore for Prince Albert. Often shaped like the infinity sign and sometimes as a double knot, this symbol of stability was often used in jewelry gifted to loved ones or bridal objets. Coral was a very precious and popular gemstone for the rich, due to its exotic and hard-to-harvest formation under the sea.


-Material: Sterling Silver, Gold plating, Natural Coral

-Condition: Excellent

-Size: L 2cm x W 1cm

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