Brass Tool Holder L

Brass Tool Holder L

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A solid brass tool holder, water resistent and stable in its weight. Able to hold taller utensils such as ladles and chopsticks without fear of tipping over. Interior has been plated with aluminum for durability, while bottom is coated with silicon to ensure placement surface will not be scratched. Can also be used as a vase or pen stand.


Futagami, a brass foundry in Toyama, was founded in 1897 and is one of the oldest furnaces in Japan. This family-owned manufacturer handcrafts their pieces focusing on high quality, with finishing techniques rooted in Buddhist traditions. The brassware created by Futagami acquires a beautiful patina over time.Their contemporary aesthetics come from a collaboration with designer Masanori Oji, resulting in a line of minimalistic homeware artifacts that are sure to impress.




-Made in Japan

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