Eau de Toilette 100mL

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The Carthusia story begins in 1948, when the Prior of the Charterhouse of Capri discovered perfume formulae of the 14th century friars, and with the Pope's permission, revealed them to a chemist to produce the first "Carthusia" perfumes. The tradition of this Italian perfume lives on today in these high quality scents produced with historic tecnhniques and using the most lucious fruit and flowers of Capri. Perfmes are created in limited quantities, and evoke memories of the vintage, the classic, and the elegant. 


  • Aria di Capri: A floral bouquet - mimosa, iris, jasmine, geranium - tempered by fresh lemon and lime, and grounded with petitgrain, musk, cedar, and bayleaf. (Citrus Spicy Floral) (Womens)
  • Caprissimo: Top notes are petit grain, amalfi lemon and lemon tree; middle notes are osmanthus, jasmine and frangipani; base notes are woodsy notes and myrrh. (Fresh Floral)(Womens)
  • Fiori di Capri: The first Carthusia perfume. A complex and refined melange of fresh ylang-ylang, orange, bergamot, followed by floral notes of lily-of-the-valley, iris, wild carnation and hyacinth, and ending with chords of amber, cloves, sandal, cedar and oak.(Warm Floral)(Unisex)
  • Io: Top notes of aromatic mint and star anise with a splash of fresh lemon and orange. Middle notes of sweet fig with tea leaves, jasmine, and lemongrass. Ends with seaweed and tobacco blossom. (Green Fresh Fruity) (Unisex)
  • Meditarraneo: Fresh as a summer cocktail, this universally-loved blend starts with notes of aromatic mint and citrus, followed with tea, cardomom, and jasmine, ending on a bed of musk and white musk. (Green Fresh Citrus) (Unisex)
  • Ligea: A warm seductive perfume with a smoky citrus and lavender top which quickly fades to a seductive spicy heart of patchouli and cloves, balanced with sweet creamy vanilla, musk, and styrax. (Warm Spicy) (Unisex)
  • Via Camerelle: A citrus top with spicy marjoram blends into a light floral heart of jasmine, lily, and cyclamen, ending with amber, cedar, and musk. (Fresh Green Citrus)(Unisex)



-Product of Italy

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