All We Believe In...

Klondike was founded as a platform for customers to find products in Hong Kong which would go beyond their ordinary urban needs. From decorating your own home to finding that perfect gift for your loved ones, our store strives to provide not only antiquities and quality goods, but ones with stories to enrich your own. 

Our dream is to start small, and stay small, because small is beautiful.

You may not find the luxury brands which have come to dominate the mass market, nor will you find the latest trends stocking our shelves. We at Klondike believe in the charm of handicraft, in historical references, in the old faithful items we have come to depend on day in and day out. We believe in developing our aesthetic intelligence, in exciting finds, and most of all, we believe in style over fashion. We believe in promoting small-batch and vintage, in discovering all that creativity has to offer, not just in commercial terms, but in goods that truly add value to our lives.