Antique Kimono Haori Jacket - Metallic Lacquered Flowers/ Deep Magenta


1910s-1920s, Japan


A very high quality piece from late Taisho or early Showa era Japan, this kimono jacket of soft, drapey silk is masterfully handwoven through with gold, silver, and lacquered threads to form a pattern of flowers, and temari balls, a type of folk art from Japan. The base is of stunning chirimen crepe silk in a deep, cheerful magenta, and lined with a fine coral silk. Loops available for front-closing ties.

This haori is great for pairing with any outfit to add interest, culture and colour, and can even be worn reversed to display the lining! Treat it as a cardigan with shorts and a tee in the summer, or pair with formal shirts, dresses, or even a soft turtleneck.  

-Material: Silk, Metallic & Lacquered threads
-Condition: Excellent
-Size:  Sleeve to sleeve 124cm x Sleeve Depth 65cm x Back length 92cm


*Ties pictured are recommendations, and are not sold with this piece. Please buy separately.

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