Antique Kimono Haori Jacket - Plum Blossom/ Dusk Purple Brown


1900s-1910s, Japan


At once subtle, poetic, yet bold. A very high quality piece from Taisho era Japan, this kimono jacket of soft drapey silk is masterfully hand-painted with a balanced yet asymmetrical pattern of plum blossoms on branches, further adorned with white flecks and gold accents. Hand dyed for a fading effect in a dusky purplish brown crepe, and lined in a fine salmon pink silk. Loops available for front-closing ties.

This haori is great for pairing with any outfit to add interest, culture and colour, and can even be worn reversed to display the lining! Treat it as a cardigan with shorts and a tee in the summer, or pair with formal shirts, dresses, or even a soft turtleneck.  

-Material: Silk
-Condition: Excellent
-Size:  Sleeve to sleeve 124cm x Sleeve Depth 61cm x Back length 91cm


*Ties pictured are recommendations, and are not sold with this piece. Please buy separately.

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