Antique Taisho Maki-e Lacquered Tobacco Boxed Set


1900s-1930s, Japan


An antique set of hand lacquered smoking utensils used during the tea ceremony, from the late Taisho era or pre-war, early Showa era Japan. The wooden items are lacquered in a soft jet black, and decorated with masterfully painted makie patterns of leaves and acorns. Set includes a tray, a container originally used for tobacco, an ashtray, and a little stand for matches. Presented in original papered wooden box.

-Material: Wood, Lacquer, Metal 
-Condition: Very Good. Slight cracks, scratches, scuffs, and chips in lacquer. 

Tray: L 23.5cm x W 16.5cm x H 1.5cm

Box: L 13.5cm x W 10.5cm x H 4.5cm

Ashtray: L 9cm x W 9cm x H 4cm

Stand: L 3cm x W 3cm x H 3cm

Box Set: L 26.2cm x W 20cm x H 6cm

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